Volume 15, Number 01, Winter, 1997

FreFan Party Review

The 1996 Worldcon in Los Angeles revived a venerable tradition, the Frefan party. Hosted by long-time sf fan and libertarian, Samuel Edward Konkin III, this party gathered the libertarian contingent at the Worldcon on Friday evening for drinks, conversation, and merriment.

Konkin also edited the WorldCon Daily Frefanzine (a newsletter ‘tradition’ that both Westercon and Loscon attendees also experienced, where an independent newsletter competed with the official conzine). Standard party drinks were on hand, and the room quickly filled up with libertarian fans and pros.

A slight snafu occurred around the timing of the party. Posters advertised the start time for 9:30, instead of a planned 10pm. At said time, the hosts, Konkin and fellow frefan Kent Hastings were busy dining in the hotel restaurant, along with Prometheus editor, yours truly. A large crowd had gathered outside the party room by the time the hosts arrived, confident the show would start later. Clearly, libertarian sf fans were out in force, and out and about early.

Attendees included among others and at varying times, Victor Koman, Brad Linaweaver, J. Neil Schulman, Victoria Varga, Eric Raymond, Victor Milán and his fiancé Jennifer Lipsinsky, local LP activists Mike Everling, and Bob Weber, and many others. Konkin flashed his newly acquired QuickTake 150 digital camera quite avidly, and a selections of photos were imported into his PowerBook and published the following day in the WorldCon Daily Frefanzine.

Libertarian social gatherings like the frefan party are a great tradition at worldcons and other sf cons. Rarely do fans who share this unique interest get the opportunity to visit and exchange stories. No doubt a similar party is planned for the 1997 Worldcon, in San Antonio. See you there.

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