Volume 013, Number 4, Fall, 1995

Taboo Science Fiction, #1

Written and published by Richard E. Geis

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Reviewed by Anders Monsen
July 1995

This type-written 20-page collection of seven short stories is described by Geis quite aptly as an outlet for his own uninhibited experiments.

Sex is a constant and prominent theme, yet not the only one. In keeping with the “taboo” aspect of his title, Geis blends sexual and political ideas in a variety of tales. A couple of these are of professional quality, in particular “Psychotic America,” and “Monster Kill.” The latter is a post-apocalyptic sf tale of nano-technology and the fear of difference; dark and brooding with a nice twist. Another version of this story appears in the 1995 Baen Books anthology, Nanodreams.

“Psychotic America” is a sexually explicit tale of a far future whose culture looks back on twentieth century views on sex as puritan and archaic. The story is funny at times, yet somewhat crude in style and content.

The rest of the stories and sketches range from the pulp-horror tale, “The Gsultic Summoning,” to the sadly funny ‘government fantasy’ vignette, “Are You a Fish?” Geis’ wide variety gives room for a military tale, and a time travel-detective story in the fast-paced, “On Borrowed Time.” I enjoyed several of the tales, yet found the taboo aspect over-rated. Perhaps I am a jaded cynic, but little of what Geis writes about seems taboo these days. Sex and political fiction now are the mainstream, not really taboo.

The funny thing is that the stories with sexual content would probably find their way faster to publishers than those containing ideas about individual liberty. This leaves me to ponder whether liberty may be the last remaining taboo.

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