Volume 013, Number 4, Fall, 1995


This issue is slightly later than I planned. Working on Prometheus has never been a solo job, until now. For the past year I have relied heavily on the help, encouragement, and assistance from Victoria Varga, one of the founding members of LFS, and herself long-time editor from 1983 to 1988.

Victoria is now in Poland for one year, and I have temporarily assumed all her duties as publisher and director of LFS. I want to thank all members who have been patient with me while I have adjusted to this new role. Above all I want to thank Victoria for being the inspiration she is in my work as editor, and everything else I do for LFS.

I am pleased to feature in this issue the first of what I hope will be an ongoing series of essays, by writer and Prometheus-Award winner Victor Milán. This essay is proof that radicalism exists among fiction writers. Libertarians are peaceful revolutionaries, and Milán, whose fiction sparkles with fearless notions of liberty, writes powerfully on self-ownership and the State.

One of my highlights this year was NASFiC, and the Prometheus Awards. I want to thank several principal people who helped make the 1995 Prometheus Awards possible.

Thanks to Ed Kramer for generously giving time and space for the Awards, and the nice write-up in the Con Program. Thanks to Bill Ritch for organizing the Awards, and to Brad Linaweaver for presenting the Awards. Together with Victoria Varga, Bill and Brad had the plaques made in record time. Thanks also to Tom Doherty of TOR for accepting on Poul Anderson’s behalf.

Next year’s awards, barring any last minute changes, is slated for the 1996 Worldcon in Los Angeles.

This time of year is renewal time. I ask each member to check their address label and the enclosed renewal form. LFS and Prometheus depend entirely on your continued support.

Next issue is due January, 1996. Look for reviews of James P. Hogan’s new book, F. Paul Wilson’s latest medical thriller, Jack Vance’s oft-Hall of Fame nominated novel, Emphyrio, and more. As always, reviews and articles are welcome. Don’t forget to nominate books for the 1995 Prometheus and Hall of Fame awards.

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