Volume 013, Number 4, Fall, 1995

Poul Anderson sweeps Prometheus Awards

The members of the Libertarian Futurist Society voted in Poul Anderson as the first double winner of the Prometheus and Hall of Fame Awards in the same year. The Stars are also Fire won the 1995 Prometheus Award for best libertarian sf novel published in 1994, while The Star Fox won the 1995 Hall of Fame Award for best classic novel of liberty.

The 1995 Prometheus Awards were presented by writer and past winner, Brad Linaweaver (see photo), at the 1995 NASFiC/DragonCon, held in Atlanta. The convention was a huge affair, with many sub-conventions all gathered under one roof.

The Convention Program featured a half-page write up on the Prometheus Awards and the nominees, perhaps the best publicity the Prometheus Awards ever have received. The presentation of the Awards themselves was held on Saturday at 5pm, in a prime location. A gathering of ca. 40 people saw Linaweaver present the awards in a relaxed fashion, honoring Anderson for his double achievement. Tom Doherty, Anderson’s publisher at TOR, graciously accepted on Anderson’s behalf.

Although the venue of this year’s Awards presentation changed rather unexpectedly and on rather short notice, Ed Kramer of NASFiC was a tremendous host. William Alan Ritch organized the actual presentation and location, while Linaweaver acted as toastmaster and presenter.

The Awards, actual gold coins on inscribed plaques, were mailed to Anderson shortly after the convention. Please see page 7 in this newsletter for Anderson’s acknowledgment.

The field of nominees for the Prometheus Award seems to have grown smaller over the past few years, but the quality never has diminished. Anderson faced strong competition from both familiar and new authors, who proved once again that the spirit of liberty and individual rights are powerful themes in fiction.

The Hall of Fame continues to draw a high number of nominations every year, an indication that the roots of libertarianism lie deep within twentieth century speculative fiction. Although many familiar titles show up consistently, discoveries and revelations continue to present themselves. Many forgotten novels with libertarian themes remain on dusty bookshelves somewhere, and LFS considers it an honor to bring these back into the light where they belong.

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