Volume 013, Number 2, Spring, 1995

Stopping Power: Why 70 Million Americans own Guns

By J. Neil Schulman

Del Rey, 1995, 323 pages, $21.00
Reviewed by Anders Monsen
July 1995

This collection of essays, commentary, email discussions, and miscellanea gathers together some of the best arguments and facts for gun rights and ownership. Schulman, known best for his Prometheus Award-winning novels The Rainbow Cadenza, and Hall of Fame novel, Alongside Night has crafted some solid and exceptional non-fiction.

Schulman's passion against the hypocrisy and blatant emotional manipulation behind gun-laws leaks out in tightly controlled, factually backed-up nuclear punches. those libertarians who believe guns neither solve nor prevent crime, may find Schulman's book disturbing and disquieting. Individuals who deny the need for personal gun ownership may not instantly be convinced by Schulman's arguments, but they cannot ignore his words and facts.

We face a daily barrage from the press and the intellectuals about the evils of individual gun ownership. We hear horror stories about children finding unattended, loaded guns and accidentally killing their friends or siblings. These tragedies, declare gun control activists, are reason enough to limit, or even prohibit non-members of the armed forces or government representatives from owning handguns.

Stopping Power exposes the lies and hypocrisies behind gun controllers, their misuse and ignorance of facts about the positive effects of gun ownership: successful stories of self-defense far outnumber accidental deaths. The real tragedy, contends Schulman, lies in the silence and fear spread by opponents of the right to own guns.

Enlightening and engaging, Stopping Power is an important voice and source.

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