Volume 013, Number 2, Spring, 1995

NASFiC '95/ Dragon*con '95

The North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) is like a stay-at-home Worldcon. In the year that the Worldcon takes place abroad, the NASFiC, usually held close to the same weekend the Worldcon, pops into existence as an alternative for those who wish to experience the big lights of a Worldcon, but who are unable to travel outside the U.S.

This year's NASFiC is held in conjunction with Dragon*con, in Atlanta, GA, July 13-16. Dragon*con is a huge gaming and comics show. LFS will have promotional pamphlets, and will feature Prometheus at NASFiC.

For more information write: NASFiC '95/Dragon*con '95, Box 47696, Atlanta, GA 30362; (404) 925-2813. Membership is $55 to Con, $60 at the door.

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