Volume 013, Number 2, Spring, 1995

Coming Attractions

LFS on the World Wide Web

Cyberspace has become a reality. The real-estate for electronic information is the hottest, hippest place in the world, and it's a11 taking place from our homes via computers and phone lines.

The Internet has exploded in growth the past couple of years, and seems to grow only more rapidly. Much of this growth is attributed to the World Wide Web, a hypertext system with a smooth and user friendly graphic interface. Creating Web pages is relatively simple, and navigating on the Web is even easier.

Several libertarian organizations already have Web pages, and LFS will have its own such page very soon. The text exists, and all that remains is the imminent transfer to an Internet server.

The plan is to build from a simple, introductory page to several pages about LFS and the Prometheus Awards, with reviews of past winners, updates of current nominees, and the latest news on libertarian science fiction.

While the online forum for LFS will never fully replace human contact, conventions, and Prometheus, it is a great outreach and promotional tool. More and more computers are hooking up to the Internet, and the global computer network—once only part of science fiction, now the wave of the present. LFS is riding that wave.

The next issue of Prometheus plans to feature more news and images of the World Wide Web LFS Home Page.

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