Volume 013, Number 2, Spring, 1995

Sunset Productions presents

Audio Horror


Sunset Productions presents audio horror

The airwaves just got a little chillier. Sunset Productions has issued its first audio cassette in a new series of programs presenting new and classic horror tales for the discriminating listener.

Produced in conjunction with the Atlanta Radio Theater, the first tape is a double feature of "The Competitor," (Fantastic, 1980) by Brad Linaweaver (audion adaptation by [former Prometheus editor] William Alan Ritch) and At the Mountains of Madness, by H. P. Lovecraft audio adaptation by Brad Strickland).

Linaweaver's tale is a chiller showing what happens in a future setting when surgery can provide a conscience for those unlucky men and women who have a deficient sense of right and wrong. Unfortunately, the operation brings its victim—er, patient—a little more than he bargained for.

Lovecraft's story tells of a pioneering Antarctic expedition from Miskatonic University that discovers shocking evidence that certain alien creatures preceded humans on Earth. The aliens, found frozen in the icy wastes, are terribly different, terribly strange, and terribly alive.

Approximately 90 minutes long, the tape retails for $11.95. As a sidelight, the writers of the audio plays (and in Linaweaver's case, of the original story) appear in the dramatizations, together with the professional acting troupe of the Atlanta Radio Theater. Linaweaver, Ritch, Strickland do yeoman service in bringing to life roles they penned.

The series will be available nationally from major book distributors. For more information on this or other programs, write or call Sunset Productions, 369 Montezuma, Suite 416, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (1-800-829-5723).

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