Volume 1, Number 3, Summer, 1983

News Notes

LP/Con News

Ben Olson and Sylvia Sanders are hosting an informal get-together in their hotel room Thursday night for anyone interested in the Libertarian Futurist Society. Posters will be put up around the convention areas to let everyone know the room number and the exact time. Due to hotel regulations it will be “bring your own bottle.” Ben and Sylvia will be staying at the Sheraton Center, the LP Convention site. Dates for the convention are August 29th thru September 5th.

LFS will also have a table at the convention, which everyone is welcome to visit.

Rides and Rooms

LFS member Michael Grossberg will be going to 60th LPcon and Worldcon, and has volunteered to act as a clearing house for all those who need rides to New York or Baltimore, or who wish to share hotel rooms at either convention. He, in particular, wants someone to share a ride between the two events (he has a car) and to share a room at the Quality Inn in Baltimore. The more the merrier! Call him in the evening at (317) 264-7414. or write (quickly) to him c/o Indianapolis News, 307 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

Buttons Available

Steve Jackson of Spacegamer magazine is working on printing up to 100 copies of every single button slogan approved by LFS members in recent questionaires for distribution at upcoming Cons like the Worldcon and LPcon. They will be ready this summer, and thanks to Steve, at an extremely reasonable price. “We couldn’t have afforded to order more than one button slogan this year without Steve’s help,” said LFS Advisory Board Member Michael Grossberg. “Now we’ll have every LFS button we wanted.” Slogans include “Keep Your Hands Off My Starship,” “Free the Terran Five Billion,” “I’d Rather Do It in Zero-G,” “Free Space,” “Mises Over Marx,” “KYFHO” (Keep Your Fucking Hands Off), “Fight organized Crime—Abolish the IRS,” “23 Fnord” (a slogan from the “Illuminatus” series), “Taxation is Theft,” and “Question Authority.” There are also two buttons with illustrations on them: one with the Prometheus logo, and one with the Statue of Liberty. They will be sold at both conventions, and, after September 1st, will be available by mail for $1 each (or .75 for 5 or more) from the LFS, Box 14181. Austin, Texas 78761.

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