Volume 2, Number 2, April, 1984

25 Novels Nominated for Prometheus Award

Preliminary voting Deadline June 15

Libertarian Futurist Society Members have nominated 25 novels published in 1983 for the Prometheus Award, and 29 novels published before 1983 for the Hall of Fame. A complete list of the nominees, which include an amazing spectrum of both mainstream fiction and SF, can be found on page three of this issue.

Again this year, LFS will choose ten finalists and two winners for the Hall of Fame because of the enormous amount of classic fiction with libertarian themes that must be considered. Five finalists will be chosen for the Prometheus Award. The deadline for both categories is June 15th, and a ballot is inserted in this issue. (This time a mailing address is included on the ballot.)

LFS members are reminded that only Advisory members may vote for the Prometheus Award, while all members may vote for the Hall of Fame. For those who have not renewed their membership this year, or those who have not yet joined LFS but would like to, please fill in the form ai the bottom of the ballot and include your check with it when you send it in.

The Awards will presented at the 1984 Worldcon in Los Angeles, which will run from August 30 to September 3rd. Michael Grossberg will be arranging the Awards presentation, and Brad Linaweaver is organizing another panel on libertarianism (see News Nates, page 2) for LA Con II.

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