Volume 2, Number 2, April, 1984

News Notes

Koman's New Contract

Victor Koman is about to sign a contract to publish his novel The Jehovah Contract in Germany. The publisher will be Heyne Verlag, and Koman will let us know the publication date when he finds out. The novel is about a dying assassin given one last assignment—the murder of God. "For some reason," Koman says. "the book has had some trouble finding a publisher in the U.S." Koman's second novel for the Spaceway series—#l7 The Carnadyne Horde—will be out from Berkley Books in May. It continues the adventures of The Mindrunner in his final bid to crush TransGalactic Order, the Galaxy's shadow government.

New Column Next Issue

There's a lot of fiction and articles being published in magazines like Analog and Science Fiction Review that goes completely unremarked in these pages but would be of great interest to Prometheus readers. So, a new column will start next issue which will take note of libertarian fiction, important articles, and non-libertarian reactions to LFS activities in these sources.

As an example, the Spring 1984 issue of SFR not only contains an intriguing Gregory Bedford article on "hard" SF in which he wonders at some length why most hard SF writers are libertarians, but also mentions Robert Wilfred Fransen's The Shadow of the Ship and F. Paul Wilson's The Keep (both were reviewed in the Winter issue of Prometheus). As always, this editor would appreciate tips about or short reviews of any article or piece of fiction that our readership might enjoy.

Worldcon Panel

Since receiving his Nebula Nomination for Moon of Ice, Brad Linaweaver has been more active than ever with libertarian outreach in the science fiction community. Recent stories sold include "Shadow Quest," upcoming in Volume II of Andre Norton's anthology for Tor Books, Magic in Ithkar; "The Competitor" upcoming in Jerry Pournelle's anthology. Silicon Assassins; "The Lon Chaney Factory" to be used in a future edition of a work by Forrest Ackerman; and "Freezer Queen" in the next issue of Pandora (feminist oriented science fiction).

Now Linaweaver is trying to arrange a thought-provoking panel for the Los Angeles Worldcon this September. At the last Worldcon, Constellation, which was held in Baltimore, he moderated a panel titled "The Future of Liberty" (see photo) Originally scheduled for one hour, it nearly went to three. The exchange between Karl Hess and Jerry Pournelle was an ideological high point, with the ex-Goldwater speech writer making the case for anarchy, and Pournelle arguing for conservatism.

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